Monday, Jan 23, 2017

Four Places newest extension

Four Places

Los Angeles Times CRITIC’S CHOICE

“Blending humor and stark ugliness — thoroughly engaging and held in sharp balance by director Robin Larsen.” LA Weekly GO!

“Joel Drake Johnson’s savvy and sensitive drama gets edgier by the minute, and in director Robin Larsen’s riveting West Coast–premiere rendition, it’s a funny and heart-wrenching vehicle for four astonishingly effective actors… Rogue Machine’s magnificent third-season opener sets a new artistic bar for the adventurous company.” Backstage – Critic’s Pick

“Every element of this show is finely crafted and worked to perfection. Easily one of the most refreshing, enjoyable, and all-around knockout productions you’ll find anywhere in LA.” World of Stage

“Insightful…captures the complex pain of very regular folks…acting is superb.” KLAS/KCLA

“A superlative cast, delicately directed, on thorny family issues that affect us all.” KPFK

“Funny… compelling, well written. Actors are top notch…kudos for both Mr. Guirguis and director Robin Larsen for the theatre-craft. I love seeing a play put together with this much talent and craft.” LA Theatre Review

“Compelling tale…brilliantly inspired and empathetic.”

“Capitalizes on ripened actors to convey the drama of everyday adult life.” Campus Circle

Ovation Recommended!LA Stage Alliance Ovation Voters ranked Four Places in the top 20% of all concurrently registered productions in the “Overall Production” category!

Read an LAStage interview with playwright Joel Drake Johnson and director Robin Larsen HERE.

Ellen (Roxanne Hart), Peggy (Anne Gee Byrd) and Warren (Tim Bagley) having lunch.

Barb (Lisa Rothschiller) brings Peggy another rum and Diet Coke.

Ellen and Peggy visiting the bathroom.

Warren and Ellen watching mother Peggy from the car.

In this video: Tim Bagley, Anne Gee Byrd, and Roxanne Hart.

New York Animals

New York Animals


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